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The Social Impact Toolkit uses human rights principles to help your company improve the living standards of workers and their families whilst attempting to show how these advancements lead to enhanced worker loyalty, motivation, and subsequent productivity.

The Toolkit helps you assess current living standards for employees, work towards welfare improvements and track performance at work. It identifies areas where interventions are most necessary and will prove most effective.

The Toolkit is very adaptable and can be used to plan both low cost one-off initiatives as well as large-scale projects.

The Toolkit has four modules, which take you through the entire project process from project planning to baseline assessments to on-going evaluation and reporting .

Who Is This Toolkit Designed For?

The Toolkit has been developed by practitioners for practitioners with companies engaged throughout the process to ensure it is relevant, user-friendly and effective.

The Toolkit is adaptable for both SMEs and large corporations with an interest in improving their employees’ livelihoods in a way that could bring about community-level development whilst improving their productivity. The modules in the Toolkit will also serve as a basis for social investors to use as procedures precedent as one way to fostering social improvements.


The Toolkit is based on creating business value. While better living standards are certainly crucial accomplishments in their own right, the Toolkit also measures how these improvements could enhance workers’ loyalty and motivation, leading to a potential boost in productivity.