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Solution to Accessibility – Bicycles

Bicycles were a good solution to the accessibility problem. It offered convenience to employee households and provided ripple effects on food, education and health accessibility. Different families used the bicycle for their most important needs. As food was not purchased on a daily basis, some households used the bicycles for getting to work. For some employee households, the bicycle was the only form of transportation at their disposal. The project together with the company purchased 85 bicycles for employees

Beneficiary Statistics

Advantages of Bicycles

Cheaper Food

75% of employees noted that they could now access cheaper food of the same quality as a result of obtaining a bicycle. Subsequently,  70% of employees noted that they saved between 7% and 10% of their income per month. 88% of employees noted that they could easily access different food varieties as a result of obtaining a bicycle.

Access to Education

Survey findings revealed that 74% of employees’ families used the bicycle as a mode of transport to school. Further, 77% indicated that they used to spend more than 1 hour to get to school, but after getting the bicycle 79% indicated that their families now spent less than 1 hour to get to school.

Access to Water

For employees who used the bicycle to fetch water, they saved about 30 minutes. However, because each household had only received one bicycle they had to share it, 23% indicated that they still had challenges in getting water.