Rainwater Harvesting

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The Rainwater Harvesting System

Water at the Doorstep

The rainwater harvesting system enabled households to collect rainwater from the roof, which is then stored and used for various purposes including: clothes washing, bathing, and other household uses. The water was collected in a 500 litre tank, and households had access to rainwater for a period of 7 months in a year.

Quality Water

The harvested rainwater was taken for testing and was certified fit for most uses except for drinking, in which case it had to be properly treated, demonstrating that it was a good substitute for borehole water.

Advantages of the Rainwater Harvesting System


Beneficiary Statistics

Monthly Consumption Litres

Monthly Expenditure – ZMW


Pre-intervention: Water was not affordable to 77% of employees.
Post-intervention: Water was not affordable to only 12%. This is according to the African Development Bank affordability index.